02 May 2010

alice the springs open water swim

alice the springs on a break every break i get the chance to swim no matter what or when or where might be a short swim might be a long swim across a loch or carrickalinga ocean 3 km this time no distance but sublime relaxation macdonnell national park ellery creek big hole on sight amazing could not stop grinning already in bathers was not intending to swim but slowly started to be drawn towards the water a dream come true as I had always wanted to swim in a hole water hole creek billabong call it what you will it could not be more australian than the kangaroo entering voicing is it cold and being told it is i like it that way horrified onlooker expresses his concern but i don’t hear diving in comment returned he is an open water swimmer he does this sort of thing all the time he will be fine off into the distance back front breast water cool not cold sun slowly descending as I swim out past rocks into creek with no one around high sides beautiful colours water becomes more shallow until i lie on my back look at the blue sky and the high sides of the beautiful red rock with trees over hanging the water completely stopped still no one nothing water to shallow now for swimming sitting on the side cool breeze getting colder must move swim back out of the creek slowly taking everything in before swimming smoothly through the water back to the shore on the side grinning and talking and could not be happier with situation experience people surroundings relaxed happy content wet a bit cold dream come true

by iain wright