26 June 2010

Norma Fowler : a tribute from Di Simons

Norma Fowler in recent times (top); Norma, Di Simons, Mary Phin and friends a few years ago (bottom)

Friends and fellow swimmers in Adelaide Masters were saddened to hear that Norma Fowler had been struck down with cancer in 2009. We all worried about her as she overcame the pain and learnt to walk again after many months in Royal Adelaide Hospital Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, and finally a nursing home, until eventually she was able to return home only to be struck down by a heart attack after fighting such a courageous battle.

Norma joined Adelaide Masters in 1978 and was part of the backbone of our club. She made our first club banner and served on the Committee for many years notably as our club treasurer.

She was a very feisty lady and considering she only learnt to swim at the age of 58, she became very competitive in local and national competitions and held several state records during her thirty plus years of membership.

In her early years in our club she had a fear of deep water and related the story of how she was terrified at the thought of a false start in the deep end of the North Sydney pool because she feared she would never make it back to the wall. We think and hope that in later years she overcame this phobia.

We remember a few of her famous quotes: ‘My get-up-and-go has gone’; ‘We’ll outlive the competition and win all the gold medals’ (and she tried very hard to do just that!)

She was an adventurous lady who was affronted on a recent African safari when she was questioned about her age and fitness. Of course with her usual verve and enthusiasm she coped very well.

Norma was beloved by all who knew her and will be sadly missed.

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