20 January 2010

The newsletters they are a changin'

Be patient with us that's iain and me well me more than iain i'm a bit old and out of touch and trying to stave off dementia by learning something new not doing something I'm already comfortable with and I'm sure not readily comfortable with blogs and creating the first post of what we hope will be many posts written by and expanded upon and published online by us and you as a fun way of bringing our club and its wondrous characters and history alive and well for all of us to read about and enjoy

i'm peter by the way peter mcfarlane petermac petermacca macca sometimes poider i was appointed editor of the newsletter at the agm last year but as you can see from the photo i took of the poster put out by the desperate-for-members petanque recruiting team at collonges la rouge in the dordogne i ran away to france and other places for an extended stay as a way of escaping all responsibilities and left them all with iain wright former newsletter editor and much appreciated and indispensable member of the editorial team who reckons and i believe him well almost that we'll all be going online to check this blog out as well as add to it and build on it for the future once we've got the hang of how easy it is to do and we appreciate how splendid it will be to have blogs on what was then what is now and what's coming up in the future

so thanks to iain this blog's under way we've already got a post on the vanuatu swims plus a great link to the issue of suits that sue our president found in the washington post and a brief summary from iain on how to get into the blog and subscribe to it that is the mechanics of the thing and he says and i believe him that once we follow his directions and get the hang of how to collect and edit posts there'll be lots more entries and lots more links and the aussi masters swimming blog will grow and grow into a pretty exciting and enjoyable addition to our club

what's going to be in future blogs is up to us and what we want to read about but i'm going to make a small beginning by responding to the members' suggestions that were in the recent survey and begin collecting stories and photos and articles from our older members as a way of celebrating the swimmers who founded the club and made such a significant contribution over the years

over the oncoming months i'll be approaching various people with requests for articles and ideas on this and other topics but if you've already got something you want to write about or if you've found a link you want to recommend to everyone don't wait for me to ask please email it to me directly as my aim my hope my wish for the future as i hope you've been able to work out from this unpunctuated rush of thoughts from my brain is that the adelaide masters swimming blog is one that's made by and for all members of our club

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